VetIQ Serene-um Extra Calming Tablets for Dogs 20-60kg


Naturally soothes and calms Dogs

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VetIQ Serene-UM Extra Calming Tablets for Dogs 20-60kg

VetIQ Serene-UM Extra is a natural dietary supplement specially crafted to instil tranquillity in your larger canine companions.

This unique blend of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, recommended by veterinarians, effectively alleviates tension and stress in pets, all without inducing sedation.

Serene-UM Extra is the ideal solution for a range of stressors that your dog might encounter.

Whether it’s dealing with time spent Home Alone, the anxiety triggered by Fireworks and Thunderstorms, managing Hyperactivity, or coping with Travel Anxiety, this supplement offers a natural approach to restoring calm and balance in your pet’s life.

Directions for Use:

  • For Dogs weighing 20kg: 1 tablet twice daily.
  • For Dogs weighing 20 – 40kg: 2 tablets twice daily.
  • For Dogs weighing 40 – 60kg: 3 tablets twice daily.

VetIQ Serene-UM Extra – Your first step towards a more contented and relaxed pet. It functions by regulating the underlying emotional state to bring a sense of calm to your pet, allowing you to address behaviours learned from stressful situations through retraining. In essence, Serene-UM Extra helps manage the root causes of anxiety, so your dog can live a more peaceful and balanced life.


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