VetIQ Tear Stain Remover for Cats & Dogs 100ml


Safe & Gentle Cleansing Aid

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VetIQ Tear Stain Remover: A Clear Solution for Tear Stains

Tear stains in cats and dogs can be a pesky problem, leading to unsightly discolouration around their eyes and mouth. Fortunately, VetIQ Tear Stain Remover is here to help!

Why Choose VetIQ Tear Stain Remover:

  • Safe & Gentle: Our Tear Stain Remover is a non-toxic and gentle solution designed to effectively eliminate stubborn and unsightly tear stains. It’s safe for use on cats and dogs and causes no irritation.
  • Dissolves Stubborn Stains: Our improved formulation is non-irritating and non-allergenic, with enhanced moisturizing and lubricating power. This means it can effectively dissolve and remove tear stains around the eyes and mouth.
  • Prevent Recurrence: Repeated use of VetIQ Tear Stain Remover can help prevent the re-occurrence of tear stains and fur discolouration. Some breeds are more prone to tear stains, so continuous use may be required.
  • Easy to Use: Simply moisten cotton wool with the Tear Stain Remover liquid and gently wipe over stained areas beneath the eyes and mouth. Any remaining residue can be removed with clean, dry cotton wool.

Fun Fact: Dogs have three eyelids, including an upper lid, a lower lid, and a third lid known as the nictitating membrane or “haw,” which helps keep their eyes moist and protected.

Don’t let tear stains get in the way of your pet’s natural beauty. With VetIQ Tear Stain Remover, you can help your furry friend look their best.

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