Johnson’s Travel-eze Tablets 24s


Reduces effect of motion sickness

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Johnson’s Travel-eze Tablets: Smooth Journeys for Happy Pets

Motion Sickness Relief for Dogs and Cats

Traveling with your furry friends should be a joy, not a queasy experience. After all, none of us enjoy cleaning up pet vomit, especially in the car.

Johnson’s Travel-eze Tablets are your pet’s ticket to a comfortable journey. In a pack of 24 natural herbal tablets, they’re the solution for motion sickness in your beloved pets.

Why Choose Johnson’s Travel-eze Tablets?

  • Natural Herbal Relief: These tablets offer natural herbal relief that reduces the effects of motion sickness in dogs and cats. Say goodbye to travel-related uneasiness.
  • Travel with Confidence: Whether you’re on the road or in the air, these tablets are your trusted companions to ensure your pets travel with ease.
  • Tailored Dosing: Tablets should be given 30 minutes before travel for the best effect. We’ve made it easy with specific dosing guidelines:
    • Cats/Very Small Dogs – Up to 4.5kg – 1 Tablet
    • Cats/Small Dogs – 4.5kg to 11kg – 2 Tablets
    • Medium Dogs – 11kg to 23kg – 4 Tablets
    • Large Dogs – 23kg to 36kg – 6 Tablets
    • Very Large Dogs – Over 36kg – 8 Tablets

Enjoy Stress-Free Journeys:

With Johnson’s Travel-eze Tablets, you can enjoy every trip without worrying about motion sickness. If your journey is long, you can even repeat the dose when taking a break.

Choose Johnson’s Travel-eze Tablets for smooth journeys and happy pets. Order now and let your pets travel with confidence and comfort.

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