Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil 150ml


A herbal blend for timid or excitable dogs

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Introducing Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil – Your Dog’s Daily Dose of Tranquility!

Is your furry friend prone to excitement or bouts of aggression? Keeping your dog calm and relaxed is essential for their well-being, and Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil is here to make it easier than ever. This natural daily feed supplement is specially crafted to help dogs maintain a sense of tranquility.

Here’s why Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil is a must-have for pet owners:

A Natural Solution: Our Stay Calm formula harnesses the power of nature, featuring a unique blend of Chamomile and Ginger Oils. These natural ingredients have a long history of use for their calming, relaxant, and soothing properties.

Scientifically Supported: Research has shown that Chamomile and Ginger herbs possess qualities that can help alleviate excitability and promote a sense of relaxation in dogs. With Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil, you’re giving your pet the benefit of science-backed calmness.

Stress-Free Days: Whether it’s thunderstorms, trips to the vet, or encounters with new faces, some situations can trigger stress in dogs. Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil offers a daily dose of tranquillity to help your furry companion navigate these moments with ease.

Easy to Administer: Feeding Vetzyme Stay Calm Nutritional Oil to your dog is hassle-free. Simply add the recommended dose to their daily meals, and watch as they enjoy the delicious taste while reaping the benefits.

Daily Recommendations:

Mix the following amounts with food:

  • Dogs 5-15kg – up to 2.5ml
  • Dogs 15-30kg – up to 5ml
  • Dogs 30kg+  – up to 10ml.

A Happier Dog: A calm and relaxed dog is a happier dog, and a happier dog means a happier you. Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil allows you to enjoy more peaceful moments together and build a stronger bond.

Important Note: Please do not feed Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil to pregnant bitches.

Choose Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil because your dog’s peace of mind matters. It’s the natural, science-backed way to help your pet stay calm and collected in any situation.

Invest in your dog’s well-being today with Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil. Say goodbye to excessive excitability and aggression, and welcome a serene and contented furry family member. Order now and experience the joy of having a calm and composed dog by your side.

Don’t let stress and anxiety rule your dog’s life – be their source of comfort with Vetzyme Stay Calm Oil, the key to a more relaxed, harmonious household.

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