Cat Grooming

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  • Bottle of cat flea shampoo with ginger cat on label

    Johnson’s Cat Flea Cleansing Shampoo


    Johnson’s Cat Flea Cleansing Shampoo Mild and non-irritant shampoo containing natural herbal extracts Suitable for cats and kittens over 8 weeks old Deodorises and beautifies your cat’s coat leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean Contains Citronella Essential Oil Fresh Dewberry Fragrance Paraben free Made in the UK  

  • Pet Head Felin’ Good Cat Shampoo, Foam and Spray – Lemonberry


    An everyday range to get cats clean, soft and fluffy.

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  • Pair of WAHL thinning scissors

    WAHL 16.5cm Thinning Scissors 6.5″


    WAHL 16.5cm Thinning Scissors 6.5″ Essential for general grooming, the double sided thinning scissors make light work of thick coats and quick trims around those awkward face and feet areas Ideal for quick thinning on all animal coats Stainless steel blades Double Sided Scissors 6.5″ / 16.5cm  

  • Wahl grooming glove

    WAHL Grooming Glove


    WAHL Grooming Glove The WAHL Grooming Glove is a versatile grooming solution that lets you pamper and bond with your pet simultaneously. Designed for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes, this grooming mitt adapts to long, short, wiry, curly, smooth, and double-coated fur. Its adjustable Velcro strap ensures a secure fit on various…

  • Set of WAHL Dog nail clippers

    WAHL Nail Clippers for Cats and Dogs


    WAHL Nail Clippers for Cats and Dogs   Wahl Cat and Dog Nail Clippers, designed with your pet’s safety and comfort Crafted with high-quality stainless steel blades, these clippers ensure safe and accurate claw trimming, promoting your pet’s comfort and well-being. The rubber-coated handles offer a comfortable grip, reducing the risk of slipping and preventing…

  • WAHL Pet Grooming Scissors


    WAHL Pet Grooming Scissors Stainless steel scissors designed for finishing touches after clipping – or to keep your pet looking tidy between trims The handle has an Integrated finger rest for added comfort and control Includes Blade guard for safe storage. Rust resistant stainless steel cutting blades Suitable for use on all animal coat types

  • Bottle of WAHL Easy Groom Animal Conditioner

    WAHL Showman Easy Groom Animal Conditioner 500ml Concentrate


    WAHL Showman Easy Groom Animal Conditioner Smooth Detangling Coat Conditioner Formulated for all animal hair types including Dogs, Horses, Cattle, Goats, Llama, Alpaca, Rabbits and Ferrets Revitalise your animals coat, leaving it soft, smooth and shiny, with no sticky or waxy residue 500ml of 64:1 Concentrate – equivalent to 32 litres when diluted