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Petkin Tushie Wipes


Petkin Tushie Wipes: Bottoms Up to Freshness and Hygiene

Keep you cat & dog’s bum clean….

When it comes to your pet’s well-being, every detail matters, even their tushie hygiene.

Introducing Petkin Tushie Wipes, the veterinarian-approved bum wipe solution that keeps your pet’s bottom clean and fresh every day, with a hint of real Eau de Toilette to leave them smelling lovely.

Key Features:

  • Extra Cleansers for Tough Mess & Odours: These wipes are not your ordinary pet wipes. They’re equipped with extra cleansers, designed to tackle even the most stubborn mess and odours, ensuring a hygienic and clean bottom.
  • Fast & Hygienic Cleaning: Tushie Wipes provide a swift and hygienic way to maintain your pet’s bottom, ensuring they stay clean and comfortable in a convenient dispenser tub
  • Ingredients: These wipes contain cleanser, aloe vera, vitamin E, and real Eau de Toilette, making them not only effective but also gentle and pleasantly scented.

Paraben-Free, Gentle for Daily Use, Fresh Scent:

The formula is paraben-free, gentle for daily use, and leaves a fresh scent that ensures your pet feels as good as they smell.

100 Extra Big and Thick Wipes:

Each tub contains a generous 100 wipes, measuring 19cm x 17cm, making them suitable for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. They’ve been vet tested for daily use, ensuring they’re safe and effective all over.

Non-Toxic, No Alcohol, Won’t Remove Spot-On Treatments:

Rest assured, these wipes are non-toxic, alcohol and paraben free, and crucially, won’t interfere with your pet’s spot-on treatments.

Choose Petkin Tushie Wipes for your pet’s daily hygiene, ensuring they enjoy cleanliness, comfort, and a lovely scent. With these wipes, you’re looking out for your pet’s well-being from head to… well, you know where!


For complete pet care in one easy wipe: Use with Petkin Petwipes, PawWipes, EarWipes, EyeWipes, GermWipes, ToothWipes and ItchWipes

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