Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes


Ear Cleanser & Deodoriser

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Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes


Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes: The Purr-fect Solution for Pristine Pet Ears

When it comes to taking care of your furry friend’s well-being, Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes are your go-to solution for maintaining your pet’s ears in top-notch condition.

Tub of 80 wipes.  7″ x 5″

Why Choose Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes?

Effective: Our generously-sized ear wipes are expertly designed to cleanse and pamper your pet’s ears. They effectively remove dirt, wax, and discharge, ensuring your pet’s ears remain in prime condition.

Gentle and Safe: Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes feature a gentle yet potent formula. These hypoallergenic wipes are free from harsh chemicals, so you can clean your pet’s ears safely and comfortably, without worries.

Fuss-Free Cleaning: Cleaning your pet’s ears can be a challenging task, but with Petkin, it becomes a breeze. The oversized design allows you to reach deep into the ear canal, removing dirt and debris effortlessly. No more struggling to get your pet to cooperate.

Soothing Aloe Vera: Our wipes are enriched with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera, providing a soothing and enjoyable experience for your four-legged companion. It’s like a spa day for your pet’s ears!

Fresh Ears, Happy Pet: Regular use of Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes not only keeps your pet’s ears fresh and odour-free but also helps prevent ear infections. Your pet will show their gratitude with extra snuggles and content head tilts.

Veterinarian Approved: Rest easy knowing that our Ear Wipes are veterinarian approved. They offer the most convenient way to maintain your pet’s ear health, removing dirt, wax, and discharge that can lead to itching, irritation, and infections.

  • Wipes away daily dirt, odour & wax.
  • Helps prevent irritation that can cause infection.
  • Deodorizes & soothes itching.
  • Safe, convenient & easy to use.

Invest in Petkin Jumbo Ear Wipes, and provide your pet with the care they deserve. It’s not just about clean ears; it’s about a happier and healthier pet.

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