Petkin Jumbo Eye Wipes


Trusted eye care for your pets

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Petkin Jumbo Eye Wipes


Petkin Jumbo Eye Wipes: Your Pet’s Easy Eye Care Solution

Unveil the effortless way to maintain your pet’s eye area with Petkin Jumbo Eye Wipes. Specifically designed for cats and dogs, these extra soft, generously-sized wipes are delicately moistened with a gentle cleanser, effortlessly removing dirt and discharge from around the eyes. Say goodbye to tear stains and keep eye infections at bay with daily use.

In every pack, you’ll find 80 of these effective, oversized wipes, each measuring 7″ x 5″. Make these Petkin Jumbo Eye Wipes a regular part of your pet care routine, ensuring your furry companion enjoys clear, healthy eyes with minimal effort. Because your pet deserves the very best, and these jumbo-sized wipes make eye care a breeze.

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