Johnson’s Cage Bird Vitamin Tonic 15ml


Promotes & maintains good health & vitality

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Johnson’s Cage Bird Vitamin Tonic: A Daily Boost for Health

Specially Crafted for Cage and Aviary Birds

Product Description:

The Johnson’s Cage Bird Vitamin Tonic is a 15ml bottle of goodness for your caged birds. This tonic is more than just a product; it’s a simple way to ensure the well-being of your feathered friends.

Why Choose Johnson’s Cage Bird Vitamin Tonic?

  • Daily Health Support: This vitamin tonic is meant for daily use. It’s ideal for birds that are in poor condition or recovering from illness, providing them with a daily health boost.
  • Breeding Support: If you’re into bird breeding, this tonic offers valuable support before and during the breeding period.
  • Essential Vitamins: The tonic contains a blend of essential vitamins, promoting your birds’ health and vitality.

Promotes Well-being:

It’s a regular supplement suitable for all cage birds, helping them stay healthy, maintain fine plumage, and build resistance to common ailments.

Easy to Use:

Application is straightforward; follow the provided instructions for the correct dosage and method.

Choose Johnson’s Cage Bird Vitamin Tonic to ensure the daily health and vitality of your feathered companions. It’s a simple way to support their well-being.

Order now and keep your birds in good health.

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