Johnson’s Super Plume Spray 150ml


Enhances sheen of plumage for all cage birds

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Johnson’s Super Plume Spray: For Healthy, Shiny Plumage

Nourish and Protect Your Birds’ Feathers


Meet Johnson’s Super Plume Spray, your companion in enhancing and beautifying the natural sheen of your birds’ plumage. In a convenient 150ml ready-to-use pump spray, this plume spray is more than just a product; it’s a promise of healthier and more vibrant feathers for your beloved birds.

Why Choose Johnson’s Super Plume Spray?

  • Natural Sheen Enhancement: This spray is designed to enhance and beautify the natural shine of your birds’ feathers, making them even more captivating.
  • Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Blend: Infused with the goodness of tea tree oil and aloe vera, this spray not only promotes beauty but also possesses antibacterial properties. It cleans, deters mites, and soothes irritations, ensuring your birds enjoy pristine plumage.

Ready to Use:

The 150ml spray is ready to use, so you can pamper your birds without any hassle.

Choose Johnson’s Super Plume Spray for your feathered friends, and let them revel in healthy, shiny feathers. It’s not just a spray; it’s a declaration of care for your birds’ plumage.

Order now and watch your birds shine with vitality.

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