Johnson’s Anti Chew Training Spray 150ml


Helps deter destructive chewing

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Johnson’s Anti Chew Training Spray


Johnson’s Anti Chew Training Spray: A Pawsome Solution for Chewing Habits

Because Puppies Are Wonderful, but Chewing Isn’t

Product Description:

We all know that having a new puppy is a wonderful experience, but sometimes their chewing habits can put a dent in the joy. That’s where Johnson’s Anti Chew Training Spray steps in. Our formula, now with Bitrex, a highly effective yet completely harmless bitter-tasting substance, helps you manage those less-than-great chewing tendencies.

Why Choose Johnson’s Anti Chew Training Spray?

  • Puppy-Proof Your Home: Puppies are full of energy and curiosity, and they often express it through chewing. Johnson’s Anti Chew Spray is here to help you protect your furniture and other household items.
  • Gentle Deterrence: It’s the easiest way to put an end to unwanted chewing, and it does so gently. Your puppy’s safety and well-being are paramount.
  • Safe for Coats and Wounds: You can even use it to prevent your furry friend from chewing their own coats or interfering with wounds. It’s a safe and practical way to keep them healthy.

It Really Works:

We’ve created a formula that delivers results. Johnson’s Anti Chew Training Spray is more than just a deterrent; it’s a promise of a peaceful and chew-free environment for you and your puppy.

Choose Johnson’s Anti Chew Training Spray, because puppies are wonderful, and they deserve a loving and chew-free home. It’s not just a spray; it’s a commitment to better behaviour for your new furry family member. Order now and watch those chewing habits fade away.

Puppies who are teething are particular fond of chewing to ease the discomfort of those new tuffies coming through… if your pup is teething, the VetIQ Puppy Teething Gel is an absolute game changer. Order yours now, your pup will love you for it! 


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