VetIQ Ear Cleaner for Cats & Dogs 100ml


Non Toxic, Alcohol Free Ear Cleaner

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VetIQ Ear Cleaner: For Healthy and Happy Ears

Your pet’s ear hygiene is essential for their well-being, and VetIQ Ear Cleaner is here to make it easy and effective!

Why Choose VetIQ Ear Cleaner:

  • Gentle & Non-Toxic: Our Ear Cleaner is a non-toxic and gentle solution designed for cats and dogs. It’s specially formulated to keep your pet’s ears clean and free from debris. It’s alcohol free and contains natural Neem Oil, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Soothes Irritation: Neem Oil not only cleanses but also soothes irritation, making it an excellent choice for your pet’s ear hygiene.
  • No Staining: Our unique formulation limits staining or discolouring of hair around the ears, keeping your pet looking their best.
  • Easy Application: The flexi applicator nozzle allows easy and hassle-free application to your pet’s ears. Suitable for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.

Directions for Use:

  • Initial Cleaning: Use the ear cleaner on a daily basis until foreign material is removed from the ear.
  • Maintenance: After the ear is clean, use the cleaner on alternate days and then once a week for two weeks.
  • Regular Use: Regular use is advised to maintain ear hygiene.
  • Patience is Key: It may take seven days or longer to thoroughly clean the ear. Do not discontinue use until a few days after the foreign material has completely disappeared. It’s ideal for ongoing ear maintenance or as a follow-up to typical prescription drops.

Give your furry friend the gift of clean, healthy ears with VetIQ Ear Cleaner. Your pet deserves it!

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