Coachi Fetch & Reward


Great for motivating play and perfect for encouraging and practicing recalls.

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Coachi Fetch & Reward: The Ultimate Dog Training Toy That’s Fun for You and Your Pooch!

Are you ready to turn dog training into an exciting game for both you and your furry friend? Say hello to the Coachi Fetch & Reward, a one-of-a-kind interactive training toy designed to make training, exercise, and play an absolute blast!

Hidden Treats for Motivation: The Coachi Fetch & Reward adds a tasty twist to your dog’s training routine. Simply stash your dog’s favourite treats in the zipped compartment, and watch the magic happen. Your pup will be eager to chase and retrieve the toy, but here’s the catch—they only get those delicious treats when they bring the toy back to you! It’s the perfect recipe for a happy and motivated dog.

Teaching Fetch Made Easy: Whether you’re working with a seasoned fetch pro or introducing a newbie to the game, the Coachi Fetch & Reward is your best friend. It’s incredibly user-friendly, making it a breeze to motivate and teach your dog how to fetch and retrieve. Training sessions just became a whole lot more fun!

Reach for the Stars: Want to practice those impressive long-distance retrieves? The Coachi Fetch & Reward has you covered with its additional rope. It not only makes throwing easier but also allows you to achieve those extra-long throws that are sure to impress. Your dog will love the challenge!

Scent-sational Fun: But wait, there’s more! The Coachi Fetch & Reward isn’t just for fetch—it’s also fantastic for scent work games. Let your dog’s nose take the lead as they engage in exciting scent games. It’s a fantastic way to tap into their love of sniffing and keep them mentally stimulated.

Created by the experts at Company of Animals, the Coachi range is all about promoting effective, humane, and positive training methods. We believe training should be simple and rewarding for both you and your furry companion.

So, why wait? Transform your dog’s training sessions into a game of fun and rewards with the Coachi Fetch & Reward toy. Whether you’re teaching fetch, encouraging recalls, or exploring scent work, this toy has it all. Get ready for tail-wagging excitement and order yours today!

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