Beaphar Wound Spray 75ml


For Cats, Dogs, and Small Animals.

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Beaphar Wound Spray – Your Pet’s Healing Aid in a Pocket-Sized Bottle

When it comes to your pet’s well-being, you want the best care at your fingertips. Beaphar Wound Spray is the ideal solution for soothing, protecting, and aiding the healing of superficial wounds, all conveniently packed into a handy pocket-sized spray bottle. Here’s why Beaphar Wound Spray is a must-have:

Aiding Healing and Skin Recovery: Beaphar Wound Spray is enriched with natural healing ingredients, including propolis, Aloe vera, tea tree oil, and essential oils. These work in harmony to not only cleanse cuts, scrapes and abrasions while supporting the skin’s regenerative process, but also provide soothing relief for dry and irritated skin. It’s a holistic approach to caring for your pet’s well-being. A gentle hand guiding your pet’s skin on the path to recovery.

Pocket-Sized Convenience: The pump-action spray formula makes it easier than ever to target your pet’s cuts and grazes. With just a few pumps, you can cover a larger area of skin, ensuring thorough care and quick relief.

Suitable for All Pets: Beaphar Wound Spray is a versatile solution that caters to cats, dogs, and small animals.

Natural Healing Ingredients: Inside every 75ml bottle of Beaphar Wound Spray, you’ll find a blend of nature’s finest ingredients – propolis, Aloe vera, tea tree oil, plus a base of propylene glycol. This powerful combination ensures effective care for your pet’s wounds and skin.

With Beaphar Wound Spray, you’re always prepared to provide your pet with the care they need, right in the palm of your hand. Choose the natural path to healing and make this pocket-sized companion a part of your pet care routine. Because when it comes to your pets, their well-being is our shared priority.

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