Bob Martin Clear One Dose Dog Flea Tablets

Flea Tablets for Cats, Dogs & Puppies

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Bob Martin Clear One Dose Dog Flea Tablets


Introducing Bob Martin Clear One Dose Dog Flea Tablets: The Swift Solution for Flea-Free Bliss

When your loyal companion is itching for relief, don’t wait—reach for Bob Martin Clear One Dose Dog Flea Tablets. Our mission is simple: to provide your four-legged friend with swift and effective relief from the torment of fleas.

The Power of One Dose: Unleash the Difference

Why choose Bob Martin Clear One Dose Dog Flea Tablets over other flea treatments? Let’s unravel the unique features that make these tablets a game-changer:

Swift Action: Bob Martin Clear One Dose is exactly what it says—a one-time, one-stop solution to rid your dog (or cat) of those pesky fleas. No need for multiple doses or complicated regimens.

Proven Effectiveness: These tablets pack a punch, thanks to their active ingredients, Nitenpyram and Lufenuron. These powerhouses work in tandem to attack fleas from two angles.

Nitenpyram: This fast-acting ingredient goes to work within 30 minutes, effectively killing adult fleas that are causing your pet discomfort. Say goodbye to the relentless itching!

Lufenuron: While Nitenpyram deals with the adult fleas, Lufenuron takes on the eggs and larvae. It’s the crucial second step in breaking the flea life cycle, ensuring that new fleas don’t emerge to bother your pet.

Safe and Gentle: We understand that your pet’s well-being is your top priority. That’s why Bob Martin Clear One Dose Dog Flea Tablets are formulated to be gentle on your furry friend while being tough on fleas.

Two Sizes for All: Bob Martin offers a range of sizes to suit your pet’s needs:

  • Small Dog and Cat Pack (Up to 11kg): Perfectly suited for small dogs and also safe for cats. This versatile pack ensures that even your feline friends can enjoy the benefits of Bob Martin Clear One Dose.
  • Large Dog Pack (Over 11kg): Tailored for larger breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds, this pack offers the same one-dose relief.

Long-lasting Relief: With one dose, your pet will enjoy relief for up to 4 weeks. That’s a month of flea-free bliss for your furry companion.

Peace of Mind: These tablets have been trusted by pet owners for generations. Bob Martin has been a leading name in pet care for over a century, and our commitment to quality and safety shines through in every product.

How to Use:

  1. Administer one tablet orally to your pet. You can give it with or without food.
  2. Watch as your pet experiences rapid relief from the misery of fleas within 30 minutes.

Experience the Bob Martin Difference

Bob Martin Clear One Dose Flea Tablets are more than just a flea treatment; they’re a promise of swift and effective relief. With Nitenpyram and Lufenuron as active ingredients, you’re choosing a solution that not only eliminates adult fleas but also stops the next generation in its tracks.

Your pet’s comfort and happiness are our top priorities. Choose Bob Martin Clear One Dose Flea Tablets for the ultimate in flea relief, backed by a legacy of trust and quality. Say goodbye to itching and hello to a flea-free, joyful pet.


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