4Fleas Spot-On for Dogs & Puppies


Kills fleas and biting lice

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Johnson’s 4Fleas Dual Action Spot-On: Your Defence Against Fleas and Biting Lice

Effective, Rapid, and All-Encompassing Protection


When it comes to battling fleas, Johnson’s 4Fleas Dual Action Spot-On is your pet’s steadfast protector. This highly effective monthly treatment is formulated with Imidacloprid, the same active ingredient found in Advantage, and offers a dual-action approach to ensure your pet lives a flea-free life.

Each pack contains 2 treatments – giving up to 8 weeks protection

What is Dual Action?

The magic of Johnson’s 4Fleas Dual Action Spot-On lies in its dual-action formula. This means it doesn’t stop at killing fleas on contact; it goes a step further. Once applied to your dog’s or cat’s skin, this solution distributes evenly across their body, annihilating fleas on contact. It also takes the fight to flea larvae in the environment, including your pet’s bedding and resting areas. This comprehensive approach ensures that your pet’s world is flea-free, not just your pet.

How It Works:

  • Immediate Flea Annihilation: The 4Fleas spot-on solution starts its mission within 3 – 5 minutes from the moment of application, killing fleas in the area it’s been applied.
  • Complete Flea Elimination: Within 12 hours, you can expect an impressive 98 – 100% of fleas to meet their demise.

Applicability for All Sizes:

These products are suitable for all sizes and weights of dogs over 8 weeks of age. Choose the correct pack according to the weight of your dog:

  • Puppies & Small Dogs under 4kg
  • Small Dogs 4-10kg
  • Medium Dogs 10-25kg
  • Large Dogs over 25kg
  • For Dogs over 40kg use 2 pipettes of Large Dog

4Fleas Dual Action Spot-On has you covered.

Easy Application:

Applying Johnson’s 4Fleas Dual Action Spot-On is a breeze. Simply administer it topically to the back of your pet’s neck, and let it do the rest.

Remember, fleas have a life cycle that extends beyond your pet. In fact, approximately 90% of a flea’s life cycle is not on your pet but in the environment surrounding them. To ensure complete protection, treat your home as diligently as you treat your pet.

Choose Johnson’s 4Fleas Dual Action Spot-On for a monthly, dual-action solution that safeguards your pet and their surroundings from the relentless grip of fleas.

Order now and provide your pet with a flea-free haven, inside and out.

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