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Petkin Doggy Sunwipes: Keep Your Canine Companion Sun-Safe

Just like people, dogs need protection from the sun, and Petkin Doggy Sunwipes offer the quickest and most convenient way to safeguard your dog from the sun’s potentially harmful ultraviolet rays during their outdoor adventures.

Key Features:

  • Instant Sun Protection: With Petkin Doggy Sunwipes, achieving instant sun protection for your furry friend is as easy as a simple wipe. No more waiting – just wipe and go!
  • Equivalent to SPF 15: Our formula matches the sun protection factor (SPF) of 15, similar to what’s recommended for people, ensuring your dog gets the protection they need.
  • Non-Greasy and Non-Sticky: These wipes provide effective sun protection without the drawbacks of greasiness or stickiness.

How to Use:

Simply wipe these sunwipes all over your dog’s body, paying special attention to areas such as the ears, nose, muzzle, pink skin areas, and the coat of light-coloured or short-haired dogs.

Use additional wipes as necessary.

Directions for Use:

  • Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Reapply at least every 2 hours.
  • For puppies under 6 months, it’s advisable to consult a veterinarian for sun protection recommendations.

With Petkin Doggy Sunwipes, you can ensure that your furry friend is well-protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, all with the convenience of a single wipe. Enjoy your outdoor adventures with your dog while keeping their well-being a top priority. A sun-safe dog is a happy dog!

Use in conjunction with Petkin Sunstick

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