Johnson’s Pigeon Mite & Lice Powder


For Pigeon bedding and housing

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Johnson’s Pigeon Mite & Lice Powder: Your Pigeon’s Pest-Repellent Shield

Gentle, Effective, and Easy to Use

Product Description:

When it comes to caring for your pigeons, Johnson’s Pigeon Mite & Lice Powder is the answer to ward off pesky insects. This natural powder is both gentle and powerful.

Why Choose Johnson’s Pigeon Mite & Lice Powder?

  • Safe & Non-Toxic: We’ve made this powder safe for your pigeons. It doesn’t use harsh chemicals. It’s a natural way to get rid of mites and lice.
  • Dehydration Action: This powder makes life tough for insects. It dehydrates them, helping your pigeons stay comfortable and free from unwanted guests.

For Pigeon Beds and Homes:

This 50g powder not only helps your pigeons but also keeps their living spaces pest-free. It’s easy to use in bedding and housing.

How to Use:

Applying it is simple. Use 3-4g per bird. That’s it! This uncomplicated process keeps your pigeons happy.

Important: Always read the instructions for best results and for the safety of your pigeons.

Choose Johnson’s Pigeon Mite & Lice Powder to keep your pigeons cozy and pest-free. It’s the solution to ensure a comfortable and content pigeon life. Order now to protect your pigeons from mites and lice.

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