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Learning Through Play

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Coachi Chase & Crinkle Dog Toy: Unleash Your Dog’s Playful Spirit!

The Coachi Chase & Crinkle Dog Toy is the perfect addition to your dog’s playtime repertoire. Crafted by the experts at Company of Animals, this toy is designed to ignite your dog’s natural instinct to chase and play, providing hours of fun and engagement.

Interactive Play: Made from soft faux lambswool, the Coachi Chase & Crinkle is more than just a toy; it’s a tool for interactive play. Inside, it features a stimulating crinkle material that entices your dog to play, chase, and pounce. The soft neoprene handle adds comfort for you, making it an enjoyable experience for both pet and owner.

Versatile for All Ages and Breeds: Whether you have a lively puppy or an older canine companion, this stimulating dog chase toy is the perfect choice. It serves as an excellent alternative or addition to food rewards and is a fantastic tool for reducing puppy mouthing and biting. Suitable for all ages and breeds, it’s a versatile addition to any dog’s toy collection.

Fun Training: The Coachi Chase & Crinkle isn’t just about play; it’s about productive training with a fun twist. These toys are designed for you and your dog to have a blast together while working on important skills. They are great for improving recall, discouraging chasing behaviours, and enhancing agility training.

Maintain Motivation: To keep the excitement alive, use the Coachi Chase & Crinkle as part of interactive play. This keeps the toy as a special reward, just like a tasty treat. Your dog will eagerly look forward to playtime with this engaging toy.

Company of Animals is dedicated to promoting effective, humane, and positive training methods. The Coachi range is a testament to this commitment, making training enjoyable and rewarding for both pet owners and their furry friends.

Ready to embark on a journey of playful fun with your dog? Discover the Coachi Chase & Crinkle Dog Toy and witness the joy it brings to your dog’s life. Order yours today and watch tails wag with excitement!

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