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Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum Coconut Puppy Dental Kit: The Ultimate Starter Pack for Your Pup’s Dental Wellness!

The Perfect Beginning: Welcoming a new puppy into your home is a joyous occasion, and so is ensuring their oral health. The Arm & Hammer Puppy Dental Kit is your ideal companion in this journey, containing everything you need to provide top-notch dental care for your furry friend.

Clean Teeth and Fresh Breath: Our Puppy Dental Kit packs a punch with a 360° toothbrush, coconut mint toothpaste, and a premium silicone finger brush. It’s everything you need for effective teeth cleaning and fresher breath.

Revolutionary Time Saver: Say goodbye to long, tedious cleaning routines. The 360° toothbrush is a game-changer, designed to target teeth from all angles, significantly reducing cleaning time. It brushes multiple surfaces simultaneously, making your puppy’s dental care quick and efficient. Your puppy will appreciate the extra playtime!

Long-Lasting Freshness: Arm & Hammer’s coconut mint toothpaste isn’t just about cleaning; it delivers a long-lasting and effective clean. Crafted with a concentrated enzyme formula and baking soda, it neutralises harmful acids and leaves your puppy’s breath naturally fresh.

Perfect for Hard-to-Reach Places: We know that introducing your puppy to teeth cleaning can be a gentle process. That’s where our premium silicone finger brush comes into play. It’s made from soft, flexible material that acts as a massager, allowing you to gently brush along the teeth and gum line, making it perfect for those hard-to-reach places.

Puppy vs. Adult: Wondering about the difference between our puppy and adult products? Just like in human dental products, our puppy items have a lower level of active ingredients to cater to your young pup’s needs.

Age Recommendation: Start early to instill good dental habits. Our puppy products can be used from 8 weeks old, ensuring your puppy’s oral care begins on the right paw. When your canine companion reaches 18-24 months, consider transitioning to our adult dog products.

Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum Coconut Puppy Dental Kit is more than just a dental routine – it’s a bonding experience with your puppy and a commitment to their long-term dental wellness. Start your puppy’s oral care journey the right way!

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