Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum Coconut Mint Dog Toothpaste


The Arm & Hammer Oral Care For Dogs Range

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Arm & Hammer Fresh Minty Dog Toothpaste: Your Dog’s Gateway to a Brighter Smile and Fresher Breath!

Dental Care Made Enjoyable: Making dental care a delightful experience for your dog has never been easier. Arm & Hammer Fresh Minty Dog Toothpaste is not only pleasant to taste but also leaves a refreshing minty fragrance that enhances those cherished moments of doggy kisses.

Effective Teeth Cleaning: Our unique coconut oil formula goes the extra mile in maintaining your dog’s dental health. Unlike water-based formulas, it clings to teeth and gums, ensuring a long-lasting and effective clean that your dog deserves.

Breath of Freshness: Infused with the goodness of coconut oil and baking soda, this dog toothpaste works wonders in restoring a healthy pH balance in your pet’s mouth. It neutralizes harmful acids and leaves their breath fresh for hours, making cuddle time all the more pleasant.

Long-Lasting Brilliance: Our dog toothpaste is not just about the immediate effect; it delivers a sustained and effective clean. Crafted with a concentrated enzyme formula and baking soda, it neutralizes harmful acids and naturally freshens breath for long-lasting dental wellness.

Deep Cleaning Delight: Baking soda bubbles along the gum line, providing an in-depth clean between your dog’s teeth while ensuring their breath stays naturally fresh.

Your dog’s dental health is at the heart of their overall well-being, and Arm & Hammer Fresh Minty Dog Toothpaste is here to make this journey easy, enjoyable, and effective.

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