Johnson’s Scaly Lotion 15ml


Kills mites which cause Scaly Face & Scaly Leg

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Johnson’s Scaly Lotion: A Gentle Solution for Bird Mites

Soothing Relief for Scaly Face and Legs

Product Description:

Introducing Johnson’s Scaly Lotion, your feathered friend’s gentle saviour from scaly face and leg mites. In a convenient 15ml dropper bottle, this treatment is more than just a product; it’s a promise of relief and a return to healthy, vibrant plumage.

Why Choose Johnson’s Scaly Lotion?

  • Mite Annihilation: Scaly Face and Scaly Leg are caused by the small but troublesome Cnemidocoptes pilae mite. Our lotion is a gentle yet effective solution that helps eliminate these pests, preventing tissue damage and unsightly growths.
  • Soothing Comfort: This lotion is soothing, providing relief to your caged birds as it helps to repair the damage caused by mites.
  • Easy Application: Supplied in a user-friendly dropper bottle, applying the treatment is a breeze. The dropper ensures accurate and efficient treatment, and the product is non-staining, so you don’t need to worry about mess.

For Budgerigars, Canaries, and More:

This lotion is suitable for caged birds such as Budgerigars and Canaries, helping to keep them free from the discomfort and unsightliness of scaly face and leg.

How to Use:

Apply once every two days for a total of 11 days, as per the instructions provided on the package. Early treatment is vital, so as soon as symptoms appear, you can provide your birds with the relief they need.

Johnson’s Scaly Lotion is a gentle and effective solution for scaly face and leg mites in caged birds. It’s a promise of comfort and health for your feathered companions. Order now and help your birds regain their beautiful plumage.

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